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LilyPond that handles the messy job of transcribing music notation. Lilypond handles anything from a simple one-line melody to a symphony or oratorio. That includes not only basic things like lyrics, accidentals, and multiple staves, but polyphony, divisi lyrics, expressive marks, grace notes, instrument-specific notation, scoring for bagpipe, and ancient notation. teaches students how music works. They can do drills on notes on the musical staff, the piano keyboard, the guitar fret board, or valves for brass instruments.

Metronome Online is exactly what it sounds like, and you can adjust it from 40 bpm to 208. To go with the aforementioned annoying clicks, it's also got a grating "A" tone for students to tune their instruments.

Synthesia Notes fall from the sky over a keyboard at the bottom of the screen. Press the correct keys at the correct time to boost your score. Pretty simple.

Music Tech Teacher - Students learn to read, write, compose and publish music. The site includes quizzes, resources, and in-service notes for teachers interested in using technology to enhance music education.

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