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The Instant Access Treasure Chest: The Foreign Language Teacher's Guide to Learning Disabilities
Although this site includes a section called Foreign Language and LD, most of the site links are valuable for any teacher involved in educating special students. The site provides lots and lots of valuable links to sites on teaching strategies, government resources, assistive technology, and more.


  1. Basic Vocabulary - Spanish Vocabulary Builder - Click on the picture and hear the word or action in Spanish.
  2. Basic Vocabulary - Practice reading and saying common words in Spanish ; Audio pronunciation and text
  3. Dia de los Muertos - articles, original art, and interactive projects.
  4. DicionÃrios-Online.com - offers links for dictionaries, glossaries, encyclopedias, atlases, and other workmanships of reference in Portuguese in the InterNet.
  5. El Cuentacuentos - Read stories in Spanish.
  6. E-Spanyol - online language resource; interactive word practice tool for several vocabulary topics; online vocabulary and grammar tests and more.
  7. Centro Virtual Cervantes - This site is entirely in Spanish
  8. Interactive Games in Spanishexternal image interactive_arrow.gif
  9. Larry Ferlazzo - "All these sections are specifically designed to assist adults and children who are learning English as their second language"
  10. Learn Spanish - Authentic pronunciation tutorials along with many more such as grammar drills, verb drills and idioms.
  11. Learn Spanish - Vocabulary Practice; Help with vocabulary practice. No sound
  12. Little Explorers Picture Dictionary - English-Spanish version
  13. My Spanish Picture Dictionary - a new online resource to learn Spanish (or English) - Each word in the dictionary has an English-Spanish translation and a photograph of the item.
  14. Music - Spanish songs - some animated external image 1smspkr.gif
  15. Music - Songs in Spanish external image 1smspkr.gif
  16. Music - Lyrics to songs in Spanish - no audio, just the words to the songs.
  17. Music - Lyrics to songs in Spanish
  18. Mundo Latino - Tu comunidad en Internet - stories, news, idioms, and more
  19. National Food Safety Informationin Spanish
  20. Paso a Paso - Welcome to the PH@School Web pages for Prentice Hall Middle School and High School Spanish: PASO A PASO. Here you can extend your textbook to sites worldwide as well as do online activities, games, and puzzles, and take self-tests.
  21. Spanish - 100 Tests - English to Spanish - online interactive.
  22. Spanish - Conjugation Trainer - Perfect, Imperfect, Future Tense, Conditional and more!
  23. Spanish Games for Beginners - Four basic games; counting, facial parts, Spanish alphabet, counting backwards.
  24. Spanish Language Guide - free tests, vocabulary, resources, pronounciation keys and more.
  25. Spanish Lessons - don Quijote - Spanish Language School
  26. Spanish to English Translation Activities - Basic nouns and verbs vocabulary interactive activities. (Caution: If you use this site with students, warn them about the banner and pop-up ads)
  27. Spanish Vocabulary Practice for Beginners - Vocabulary drills and interactive games to reinforce vocabulary. Sponsored by the Oklahoma State Dept. of Education.
  28. Spanish Primer from Prentice Hall - Paso a Paso, learn basic Spanish.
  29. Spanish World
  30. Step Star Primary - for beginning Spanish Students
  31. Super Links To TESL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL/EFL/ESOL Web site - Many sites with interactive activities,resources and testing.
  32. Super Spanish Web sites - Many sites to select from
  33. Visual Link Spanish - Twenty-two (veintidós) short, free lessons and one longer 15-minute segment that did a good job of teaching this Anglo how to say "I need to go to the bathroom." Each lesson corresponds to a section on their CD that they want to sell to you. However, you can learn over 500 words of the program free online!
  34. Vocabulary Training Exercises - in German, French, or Spanish
  35. Web Spanish Lessons - Spanish lessons to teach basic knowledge, grammar, and vocabulary for Mexican Spanish

General foreign language resources
  1. Children's Books Online in a variety of languages - posted by artist and designer, Asbjørn Lønvig in Denmark
  2. CyberGuides - lesson plans to accompany several foreign language books [some elementary, most middle/high school] external image lesson_plan_icon.gif
  3. DicionÃrios-Online.com - offers links for dictionaries, glossaries, encyclopedias, atlases, and other workmanships of reference in Portuguese in the InterNet.
  4. Foreign Language Education Sites - many sites helpful to learning more about teaching Foreign Languages
  5. Foreign Language Lesson Plans from the Educator's Reference Desk external image lesson_plan_icon.gif
  6. Foreign Language Lesson Plans and Resources posted by Marty Levine, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Secondary Education at California State University, Northridge, CA. external image lesson_plan_icon.gif
  7. Foreign Language Resources on the Net - Compiled by the National Foreign Language Resource Center at the University of Hawaii.
  8. I Love Languages - Comprehensive catalog of language-related Internet resources.
  9. Interactive games for Language Teachers - many to select, in numerous languages.
  10. Internet Activities for Foreign Language Classes - You will find Internet-based lesson plans created for foreign language classes. Most of the lessons are for Spanish. external image lesson_plan_icon.gif
  11. Language Web sites - A huge collection of web sites for a variety of languages.
  12. Listen to the News - Pick from 43 languages to read and hear World News external image 1smspkr.gif
  13. National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center
  14. Parlo is a language and culture site that wants to sell language courses to you. Wait! Don't go away. They offer some fantastic free resources. In their index along the left side you will find a free Diagnostic Test. At the end they suggest which course you might want to buy, but use this test to evaluate where your students are. In the Teachers portion of Parlo's index, select Teacher's Corner Materials and then select the English archive. There you will find beginner, intermediate and advanced lesson plans. Not enough for you? OK, visit Spanish World, French World, Italian World or German World.
  15. Quick translations from AltaVista in eight languages - to or from English
  16. Say Hello to the World! - "If you wanted to say hello to everybody in the world, how many people would that be? And how many languages would you have to learn? " external image 1smspkr.gif
  17. Super Language Sites - Language links for a variety of languages including Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Russian and Chinese along with Spanish, French and Latin.
  18. Teacher Tools for Language Teachers - many worksheet generators, fill in the blank, picture match and many more for numerous languages! You must be logged in as a user, but registration is free.s.
  19. World Wide Web Workshop I: Internet Tools for Language Teachers