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Read the Article Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants by Mark Prensky. Read it online or download it here: Prensky - Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants - Part1.pdf

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Tomorrow's Students - Are we ready for the new 21st Century Learners?

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Live Interactive Broadcasting

Google’s photo sharing service comes with excellent software for editing your pictures. Easy, fast uploads make Picasa fun and simple to use.
A social photo-sharing service a large community and huge inventory of images, Flickr has an older audience than some other photo sharing sites and thus usually produces the best quality shots.
An online photo editor with tons of cool features, you can use Picnik to edit and enhance images on your computer.

More Fun Tools
The complete web whiteboard. Start skrbl & give out your URL; instantly share online. Collaborate with others or, keep skrbl your own private web space. Type notes, sketch drawings, upload pictures, share files... Everyone sees the same screen, Everybody stays on the same page.
User-generated comic strips

ToonDoo - online comic (not completely appropriate)

Another comic creator

DOwnload comic life and skitch here (you may have to pay for it)



ClassTools - a variety of flash games and templates that can be embedded in blogs, and websites

CuePrompter is a free tool that allows your browser to act like a teleprompter service. There is nothing to install or download. The CuePrompter would be useful for students who are recording audio or video files. Those who create school news shows will want to check this out. This tool is very easy to use. Just type or paste the text into the form box, set the font and screen size, and adjust the speed.

Create online polls and surveys


Make electronic sub plans

VoiceThread - Group conversations around images

What is a voicethread anyway?

How to make a VoiceThread?

Project Description VoiceThread

Biology VoiceThreads

Math word Problems

Will they sink or float?

Imbee - A tween-focussed social networking site with a chaperoned-media model.

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Safety and Social Networking Article

Are Schools Killing Creativity? Sir Ken Robinson at the Apple Education Leadership Summit