Teachervision - You'll find information for teaching students with ADHD, Autism, Asperger's, Giftedness, and Handicaps.

The Mariposa School- lots of autism training guides

Special Needs- Special Kids

The Behavior Home Page includes links to information and resources to help teachers deal with children who have behavioral disorders. Many of the sites provide helpful strategies for improving general classroom discipline.

United Cerebral Palsy provides information and resources about cerebral palsy and a number of other disabilities. The site includes information about the Americans With Disabilities Act, assistive technology, employment, parent information, and more. This site includes a number of valuable links for teachers and parents.

The Arc Home Page contains information and resources for parents and teachers of people with retardation and other developmental disabilities. The site includes research and government reports, fact sheets, a discussion board, a search engine, links to state and local chapters, and much more.

50 Tips on the Management of Attention Deficit Disorderin the Classroom, an article by Edward M. Hallowell and John J. Ratey, provides lots of good suggestions for helping all special-needs kids focus and learn.

Suggested Classroom Interventions for Children With ADD & Learning Disabilities contains a chart, Suggested Classroom Accommodations for Specific Behaviors, of specific strategies for dealing with 35 common classroom behaviors. Do you know what to do for a student who has difficulty prioritizing? If not, you'll find out here!

At HELP Read, a presentation of the Hawaiian Education Literacy Project, for example, you can download a free text reader to help students with disabilities learn to read. The text reader, which supports both English and Hawaiian, reads Web pages and text files, looks up definitions, and links to nearly 500 works of literature.

Assistive Technology Training Online Project This project of the University of Buffalo's School of Public Health and Health Professions provides information on AT applications tht help students with disabilities learn in elementary classrooms.

The Virtual Assistive Technology Center provides downloads of freeware and shareware that can be used by people who have disabilities. Scroll past the list of sponsors to find lists of available Mac, DOS, and Windows products.

IBM Special Needs Systems provides a list of products and software to help people who have special needs access and use technology. Products include a talking Web browser, an auditory and phonics program for young children, and a variety of accessibility enhancements. Many of the software products can be downloaded for free trials.

Disability Links
This site, from Internet Resources for Special Children, includes links to sites providing information, help, and specialty products for people with conditions ranging from amputation to Tourette's syndrome.

Internet Resource Sites for Special Education
Alton C. Crews Middle School in Lawrenceville, Georgia, provides links to sites for exceptional children and their parents, teachers, and friends. The Language Arts, Math, and Homework Help links suggest activities you can use with all students, not just those with special needs.

School Psychology Resources Online
This site provides links to resources in a number of areas, including autism, retardation, gifted and talented, eating disorders, substance abuse, and more!

Special Education Resources on the Internet
You'll find lots and lots of links to on-line special-education ressources here.

Family Village
Web-based resources provide information for people with disabilities and their families and friends. Click School to find lots of educationally valuable links about public policy, assistive technology, disability awareness, IEP guidelines, and more.

The Instant Access Treasure Chest: The Foreign Language Teacher's Guide to Learning Disabilities
Although this site includes a section called Foreign Language and LD, most of the site links are valuable for any teacher involved in educating special students. The site provides lots and lots of valuable links to sites on teaching strategies, government resources, assistive technology, and more.

Special Needs and Disability Resources
This TeacherLink site contains many links to special-education sites and resources.

Our Kids
For parents of children with almost every type of disability or disorder, this site includes a number of valuable resources for teachers as well.

Office of Special Education
This resource from the University of Virginia offers lots of links to valuable information and resources for parents, teachers, and administrators. You'll find a page here containing sites on developing accessible Web sites.