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Rubric Maker - Recipes4Success
# - an article from Education World
  1. Examples of Rubrics created by classroom teachers - posted by the University of Wisconsin-Stout
  2. Guidelines for Rubric Development from San Diego State University.
  3. Kathy Scrock's Assessment and Rubric Information - multiple links on this subject.
  4. Project Based Learning Checklists from
  5. RCampus - RCampus Rubric home contains two areas; Rubric Studio where you can create your own rubrics, and Rubric Gallery where you can see rubrics created by others. Registration is required to use the Studio, registration is free.
  6. Rubric Builder - a free service of the Landmark project
  7. Rubric Generators from Teach-nology - (scroll past the membership information) The generators will allow you to make several types of grading rubrics by filling out a simple form. The materials are made instantly and can be printed directly from your computer.
  8. Rubric for Evaluating a WebQuest
  9. Need to see some sample rubrics before you start writing them? The Staff Room for Ontario's Teachers has a ton of them!
  10. The Rubric Bank - from Chicago Public Schools
  11. Using Rubrics In Evaluation for Science Classes
  12. Rubric Construction Sets
    1. 3 objective rubric
    2. 4 objective rubric
    3. 5 objective rubric
    4. 6 objective rubric
  13. Specific rubrics
    1. Book Report Rubric
      1. Web page format
      2. Acrobat Reader format
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        This is an Adobe Acrobat document
      3. MS Excel format (zip file) external image zipped-icon.gif
    2. Collaboration Rubric
    3. Report Rubric
    4. Scientific Report Rubric
    5. Student PowerPoint Rubric
    6. Web Page Design

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