Artopia is a free, interactive Web-based arts experience designed for middle school students that lets them explore the arts, including: theater, sculpture, dance, music, painting and media arts.

Monitor Museum

Portrait Detectives

Online Painting and Art Creations
National Gallery of Art
An interactive trip through the sculpture garden and gallery. In the Art Zone students can interact with and create many different types of art. From still life to abstract art to collage and mobile pieces, the sky's the limit.


Collage Machine

Virtual Jack-o-Lantern

[[javascript:openLink('')|Make a Snowflake ]]

Make a Jackson Pollack Painting

Geometric Tessellations

Mr. Picasso Head

Flash PAINT will give you a grid to work on (nice for linear work), and you can change the paint/pencil depth create a realistic pencil or watercolor effect. has the easiest interface, and starts you immediately on a canvas. This one is great for young 'uns, or folks with limited computer skills. Oh, you can also embed (put a copy) of the drawing canvas in your blog or Webpage.

Cubescape will give you a three dimensional option, PLUS you get to blow up (as in explode, not expand) your work, or replay its construction.

- it's difficult to describe what you are creating here. Imagine a multi layer pudding in a clear bowl, and swirling a spoon through it moving the layers and colors. That's sort of what you end up with. Anyway check out the example above. It's really easy to use, and the results are interesting.

Lego Digital Designer

Cool Text is a free graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work.

Project Ideas
Claymation Movies

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